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Sabine Henrichs 


Yoshiyuki Nakano 


Colin Butler 

Can you direct me to the under 12 live match

Zakiah Jarni 

any chance to watch B18 Play of B Precore UAE vs Manchester Grammer School England

george mccaig 

Admin can i watch B13 Valspar fc replay ive paid for it live and now VIP and cant find link

Zakiah Jarni 

thanks Allah...

Zakiah Jarni 

Result Publish for Precor vs IFK Orby was 0-9.....actual score is 0-3 game at Gamlestadsvallen 1

Zakiah Jarni 

thank you for disappointing us.........

Zakiah Jarni 

its relay shame and unfair not telecasting match and publishing wrong result on Gothia Cup site

Zakiah Jarni 

Game at HARLANDA 1

Zakiah Jarni 

at least telecast for us B18 Group 14 Precor UAE vs Eds FF Sweden match will start at 13:40 sweden time

Zakiah Jarni 

what a shame......we r requesting but no response from your side.....this is third Match we are missing

Zakiah Jarni 

link pls

Zakiah Jarni 

8 minutes to go

Zakiah Jarni 

hello....anyone can help me??? for below request

Zakiah Jarni 

admin pls send us link for B16 Group 15 Match

Zakiah Jarni 

MATCH WILL START AT 09:40 Sweden time

Zakiah Jarni 

Dear Admin ..... Pls Telecast B16 Group 15 Match Precor UAE vs IFK orby Sweden

Gabriela Campos 

doesnt work the replay

branko mirt 


ian murdoch 


Peo H 

Såg precis invigningen, skitbra som vanligt. Jag sa deta förra året också men det gäller fortfarande. Det vore grymt om ni kunde fånga upp mer ljud från publiken, det låter lite tråkigt ibland när man inte hör dem :)

Carmen Olmos 

the replay for the opening its work know !!!!!!!

Lidia Mazza 

Forza nero-azzurre: l?Italia è con voi!!!!!

Sabine Virk 

The replay won't work again😬

Sabine Virk 

The replay dosn't work again😬

Tavo Ramirez 

Youre page berry bad dosent work ii cant see any Of two games academy élite b 15 group 28

Matteo Gualtieri 


Zakiah Jarni 

Appreciate if you telecast it live

Zakiah Jarni 

kindly publish Precor (UAE) vs Mabjerg IF (DENMARK) B18 Group 14 will be played at 16:50 Sewden time

Zakiah Jarni 

where is live match Boys 16 Group 15 UAE Precoe vs Pitea IF ???????

Zakiah Jarni 

no reply from ?????/

Zakiah Jarni 

anyone .....who knows about Boy 16 Group 15 Match started at 09am

Zakiah Jarni 

admin pls advise as match already started

Zakiah Jarni 

oh no... :( again we can not watch Boy 16 Group 15 match ) our son is playing

Ebba Lerneby 

The opening cermony is now avaliable as a reply.

Timothy Barr 

The whole live and replays are a joke most games yesterday were not available and not many replays are working this service is a joke more akin to a third world country charging for a service and failing to deliver

Chris cheney 

Same Question...Replay available?

Tavo Ramirez 

Any idea when can i watch the replay?

Leann Hagen 

I haven't found the replay yet either.

Jorge Sherman 


Fadi Watfa 

Any idea when we can watch the replay?

Angela Hines 

Has anyone been able to see the replay. I cannot get it to run

Sofia Saucedo 

Agree! I cannot replay

Rhyss Harvey 

I cannot see the replay.

Gary Sumner 

Agree - this doesn't play

Adam Hammons 

i better not get charged $9 this crap wont even play

Lesdy Matías 


Lesdy Matías 


Gabriela Campos 

Replay where?

Sarah Fischer 

How do you replay?

Heather Harman 

I got cut off about 3/4's through & now can't watch, any ideas how we can get a replay?!

Javier Gonzalez 

Really amazing!!!!!

Arantza Rodriguez 

Impresionante, qué suerte tienen los peques de poder vivir ésta experiencia

Alexander Skhiladze 

I bought Livestream but show is over. Then I bought replay but it was 2015 ceremony.

Elo Ak 

kan man inte se i repris?

Amr Garada 

There is no replaaaaay?

haza donaldson 

It won't open!!!

Pat OReilly 

Does anyone know when the replay is available?

Eyad Al Qudsi 

When can we have a replay

The Kapp 

The show is over!

Elizabeth Cook 

i cant get anything to play

Maria Barrera 


The Kapp 

Last one online? Enjoy the Gothia cup 2016. The KAPP

Diana Minasson 

Heja Assyriska FF f02 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

Michael Ostendarp 

Great show! Thank´s to Sweden for this event! Our Kids are happy!

petey gill 

I can't get anything to play.... ??

Heike Porz 

Sweden 12 points

The Kapp 

go, go, go SSV Buchholz. Enjoy and bring home the trophy.

The Kapp 

Hallo Heike, Grüsse aus Buchholz. Dirk und Gretchen

Heike Porz 

Grüsse aus Orrehause !!!!!

george mccaig 

Can we watch this again?


we are ready!!

The Kapp 

gretchen ist lieb

Willie Medina 

Try the video list might be in that list

Joann Flynn 

I wish I knew, I'm trying to watch it again too

Willie Medina 

Good show

Carmen Olmos 

Some body know wath I have to do for watch again the opening ???

Manuel Salvador Ruiz 

Again good luck to all from Spain Ed Moratalaz Very Very Nice

Willie Medina 

It was great to see, a few bumps but good to watch

The Kapp 

WOLFGANG MELDER! Have Fun and take care of Simon and Jeremy!

Maria Barrera 

fantastico.Hermosa fiesta del futbol .SUERTE PARA TODOS.

Jose Manuel Fernandez 

Nos ha cortado el final.....

Dariusz Rust 

Super Geile Eröffnungsfeier!!!!!! Hammer!!!!

Angeles Balt Patiño 

No sirve su señal no es justo

The Kapp 

un die Ubbaheisa!

Lesdy Matías 


Gary Johnson 

Very nice! Well done. Is it over?

Renato Augusto 

Yeah!!! Fair Play...and good luck to all

Lynda Vaughan 

Brilliant !!!

Cecilia Chaganlal 

Missing a lot good show

The Kapp 

Jeremy Gipp u. Simon Melder SSV Buchholz

Sudi Andor 

Great show! I enjoyed it very much! 2016 go USA & Guatelinda

Fam Vetterlis 

Go Germany!!! Go SHADDY!!!! GO WSV!!!

Jorge Sherman 


Lynda Vaughan 

Brilliant !!

Peter Malby 

Well done Sweden!!

Sandra Hülbert 

The end!

Jose Manuel Fernandez 

Las mas guapas las españolas!!!!

Wiea Scholten 

Great show!